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Sonai honour killing case: 6 including 4 members of girl’s family accused sentenced to death


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Six men were sentenced to death by a session court who were accused of murdering 3 Dalit men in Sonai, Ahmednagar district in 2013. Special public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam had sought capital punishment for the men on Thursday. The six men, include four members of the girl’s family who had killed the three victims over an inter-caste relationship. Judge R R Vaishnav sentenced the six to death and also slapped a fine of Rs 20,000 each on them for killing the Dalit youths, Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam told reporters here. The three youths were brutally killed in Sonai village on January 1, 2013, and their mutilated body parts were found in a septic tank.

According to the prosecution, 22-year-old Sachin Gharu, belonging to the Mehtar (Valmiki) community, was working at the Trimurti Pavan Foundation in Nevasa taluka in Ahmednagar district. The other two victims, Sandeep Thanvar (26) and Rahul Kandare (20) were also employed there. The 19-year-old daughter of the main accused, Popat Darandale, was studying at the institute. The girl’s family was against the relationship since they belonged to different caste in the Maratha community.

The prosecution has sought death for the men and claimed that the murder was pre-mediated ‘brutal’ and resulted out of ‘caste violence’. The bodies of the victims were found mutilated and in unspeakable condition. Thanvar was drowned in a septic tank whereas Gharu’s body, chopped into pieces and put in a borewell. Kandare also sustained severe head injuries in the attack.

The judge on January 15 had convicted Popat alias Raghunath Darandale (52), Ramesh Darandale (42), Prakash Darandale (38), Ganesh alias Pravain Darandale (23), Ashok Navgire (32) and Sandeep Kurhe (37), all residents of Ahmednagar district, under various sections of the IPC. The six were convicted on various charges including murder and criminal conspiracy for killing Sachin Gharu (24), Sandeep Thanvar (25) and Rahul Kandare (20).

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