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School Parents Association decided to take legal recourse on HC order on fee hike


(G.N.S) Dt. 25
Following the Hyderabad High Court’s order allowing private schools in Hyderabad and across Telangana to raise school fees, the Hyderabad School Parents Association (HSPA) has decided to take legal recourse on the matter.
The Telangana government had ordered ‘status-quo’ on the fee hike on January 4, 2018. Subsequently, a petition was filed by the Independent Schools Management Association, Hyderabad challenging the Telangana state’s memo banning fee hike in the ensuing academic year.
In an order that left parents up in arms again, the Hyderabad HC on January 22 allowed private schools to raise school fees with a rider that hiked part of the fee should be deposited by every school in a separate bank account and not withdrawn till the matter is finally adjudicated.
In a press release issued on Thursday, members of HSPA expressed their angst against the Telangana government for its failure in performing its duty. “Anticipating such an action by the Schools, HSPA had pleaded with the government to file a caveat in the court. However, the government did not deem it fit to do so. Not filing a caveat and not even informing HSPA of the case smack of deliberate foul play by the government,” reads the release.
Now, members of the HSPA have decided to take legal recourse in the matter. “The HSPA on its part will be fulfilling its duty and shall soon be impleading in the court cases for corrective action,” stated the release.
The HSPA members clarified that the best way would be for the government to file a vacate stay petition or issue a new ordinance setting up the fee regulatory committees, which cannot be easily challenged in the court.
The members further stated that after consulting their legal team they would they whether they should implead or file a separate writ petition against the judgment.

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