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Saif Ali Khan to play the role of an antagonist in ‘Baazaar’


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Having explored diverse genres, Saif Ali Khan has said that not all commercial films are fluff and sometimes, and often an actor gets opportunities to explore himself as an artiste. The actor, who will be seen in theatres this week in ‘Kaalakaandi’, has said that his next release, ‘Baazaar’ is one such film.
Saif plays the antagonist in this Gaurav Chawla-directed film, as a street-smart Gujarati businessman. The late actor Vinod Mehra’s son Rohan Mehra plays the hero in this movie. Saif has been quoted saying, “My character is like a nasty antagonist. It is exciting to play strong and powerful roles. I don’t distinguish between roles, it is funny. The idea is even if you play bad, if it is written well, the audience doesn’t think the actors are being evil or nasty. I hope the people like it. The idea is to play something interesting. And grey is fun. I don’t like the idea of playing weak characters. When I was young, I played confused guys, now I want to play strong parts.”
When told that reports were rife about the movie being inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio starrer ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’, Saif reportedly denied them. He has been quoted saying, “‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ is a celebration and exploration of the extremes of money and capitalism. So you have a guy who is out of his mind on money and drugs, losing the plot in California, within the law, outside the law, nobody knows. We are nothing like ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’.”

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