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RaGa in K’taka: ‘For Congress, it’s more work, less promises’


(G.N.S) Dt. 22
Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi sought to strike a chord with the electorate by referring to former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in her karmabhoomi and likening himself to her. On his arrival in Chikkamagaluru town, 85km from Sringeri, he spoke of his grandmother’s bond with Chikkamagaluru.
Indira Gandhi had a special connection with the district. It was from here they she won the Lok Sabha bypoll in 1978, a victory that paved the way for her return as Prime Minister following the Emergency.
“She worked for the poor, downtrodden, labourers, and farmers. I am like her,” Rahul said at the Janaarshivad rally.
Thanking the people of Chikkamagaluru for voting his grandmother back to power, Rahul said to thunderous applause, “The relationship I have with the people of Chikkamagaluru is old. Whatever Indira Gandhi did to improve India was only due to the power she received from the people of this region.”
He taunted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP, saying, “Vaade kam, kaam zyada (less promises, more work) is what the Congress swears by unlike the BJP which only makes false promises.”
Claiming that a 14-year-old studying scripture at Sringeri knows more about religion than Modi, he said: “During my visit to Sringeri I interacted with children who have taken up studying religion and a 14-year old explained the meaning of religion to me when I asked him what it meant to him. He said ‘religion is truth,’ and quoted Sanskrit verse Satyamev Jayate. Unfortunately our PM on the other hand does not understand what a 14-yearold understands.”

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