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Prison department is flooded with calls offering information on beggars at their localities


(G.N.S) DT. 05
Prison department flooded with calls, many in queue to claim Rs 500 reward.
Officials received the calls at the rate of 70 calls per day but so far only few people have been rewarded with Rs 500. Officials said that most of the callers do not wait till they reach the spot and due to which beggars are escaping and some of the callers are even refusing to take the reward. According to Chanchalaguda prison’s Jailor Krishna Murthy, the department has received 60 to 90 calls since December 29 ,the day after the reward was announced for information leading to beggars on the streets. Prison department officials have given Rs 500 reward to one person named Sai Krishna who spotted a beggar at Kachiguda.
Prison officials said the call centre (040-24527846) has been receiveing the calls and operators are sending the info to the GHMC and traffic police for shifting the beggars to the ashram in jail. However, when the caller specifically identifies the beggar and claims that he wants the reward then the info is forwarded on WhatsApp to the officials.An official said ,”I received six such requests for rewards on Wednesday. In four of those cases, by the time the officials reached the spot, they found no beggars. Only in two cases, the officials caught two beggars one at Balanagar and other Balkampet on the basis of information provided by the caller. In both the cases we gave the reward money to the claimant on Thursday.”
On Wednesday, Chanchalaguda Anandashram had a strength of 262 admitted beggars. The total admissions so far are 1095 and 833 are released so far. At Cherlapalli jail Anandashram 107 female beggars are present. A total of 427 were admitted out of which 320 are released.

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