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Pope Francis performs wedding for steward-stewardess in onboard plane


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In the first such ceremony on a papal flight, Pope Francis performed a wedding for a steward and stewardess while flying between two Chilean cities on Thursday.

Paula Podest Ruiz, 39, and Carlos Ciuffardi Elorriga, 41, who had a civil union eight years ago, told the pope that a religious ceremony that was to follow was canceled after their parish church in Santiago was heavily damaged in an earthquake in 2010.

They asked him to bless their marriage. But he had something else in mind.

“We told him that we are husband and wife. That we have two daughters and that we would have loved to receive his blessing. All of a sudden, he asked us if we were married for the Church too,” Ciuffardi told reporters afterwards on the plane, which was en route to the northern city of Iquique from Santiago.

The couple explained to the pope how the 2010 earthquake had damaged the church they had hoped to marry in.

“He liked us and he asked, ‘Do you want me to marry you?’ He asked, ‘Are you sure?,’” Podest said. “‘Yes of course,’ we said.”

Pope Francis celebrates the marriage of crew members Paula Podest and Carlos Ciufffardi during the flight between Santiago and Chile’s Iquique.

The pope performed the brief ceremony in the front of the plane. Ignacio Cueto, president of Latam airlines, who was on board, was the witness.

An improvised marriage certificate was signed by the pope, the couple, Cueto and a bishop who was on the plane.

“Being married by a pope on board a flight is something priceless,” Podest said.

“I asked him, ‘Do you marry people?’ He said: ‘Yes, from time to time. I have married 40 couples. But never has a pope married somebody on a flight,” she said.

When the beaming couple emerged from the front section of the plane, some reporters in the rear section at first thought it was a practical joke.

Crew members Paula Podest and Carlos Ciufffardi pose after being married on board Latam Airlines flight by Pope Francis.

Vatican spokesman Greg Burke came out a minute later to confirm it all.

“Everything is valid. Everything is official,” he said. He later sent reporters a picture of the marriage certificate.

“We had a short and small ceremony. He took our hands and he asked if there was love in our marriage and if we want to keep on being together all life long,” Ciuffardi said.

Podest told reporters and the pope that the couple had met on a flight when she was his boss, adding, “I am still his boss.”

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