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Police still not able identify body found in bushes 10 days ago


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Several murders reported in the area around railway quarters remains unsolved. The Integral Coach Factory police are clueless about the identity of the person whose body was recovered from bushes more than 10 days ago.
On December 21, passers-by and residents of the area alerted the police about a mutilated body found in a bush near Ayanavaram railway quarters. On inspection, police personnel led by A.Elangovan, Inspector of Police, noticed that that the deceased was wearing a T-shirt inscribed ‘Democracy’ and a pair of blue jeans. The post-mortem report stated that he died after he was hit with a blunt object on his head. “Ever since we recovered the body, we are trying to establish the identity of the person through various modes. We analysed records of 29 missing persons in the city and 132 missing persons in State. We are still unable to establish the identity of the deceased person,” said Mr. Elangovan.
Series of cases: Police officials said a series of murders were committed in the area around the railway quarters and carriage works. A police officer said, “These bushes have become a safe place for antisocial elements to commit offences. Last May, a youth from north India was murdered and his body was found in a mutilated condition. We were not able to identify the person easily. The body of a 60-year-old person was recovered later. On November 17, sounds made by a middle-aged person who was writhing in pain after he was set on fire alerted us. Immediately, we rushed him to a hospital and got a dying declaration from him.”

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