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Police caught a ‘thief in a blazer’


(G.N.S) Dt. 13
A Tumakuru youth, who masqueraded as a salesman and broke into houses to steal, has landed in police custody. Police say the thief, Syed Ahmed Basha Saheb alias Arman, had donned a blazer on his ’rounds’, to give himself a more respectable look. Basavanagudi police, who arrested the 32-year-old Ahmed, a resident of Mandipet in Tumakuru, have recovered ornaments and jewellery worth Rs 24 lakh from him.
“Posing as a salesman, Ahmed would don a blazer, loiter in residential areas and knock on doors. On getting no response from within, he would break open the door and flee with ornaments,” police said. Ahmed, again immaculately dressed in a full suit and accompanied by his girlfriend, would then hire expensive sedans and visit pawnbrokers. “Introducing himself as an industrialist, he would tell them he was in dire need of funds and needed to pledge the gold for cash,” police said.

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