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PM Modi assigns survey with 6 questions for BJP MPs on Namo App


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New Delhi

A day after pulling up BJP MPs for being less responsive on Namo App and generally not replying to messages, PM Modi has now assigned a survey for them to complete. These questions have been posted on the Namo App and the MPs have to fill up the survey by January 11, reports.

With just over an year to go for the next general elections, the PM wants the BJP MPs to expedite development work in their respective constituencies so that expectation of the electorate can be met. The survey is meant to be a feedback for the work done so far and to make a blueprint for the path ahead.

Six questions the BJP MPs have to answer:

1) Which governmental scheme is having the maximum impact in your area?

2) How do you assess the central government’s schemes implemented in your area?

3) Are you in constant touch with those who benefit from these schemes – either in person or through SMS or email?

4) Have you created a mechanism for creating feedback and have you informed the party about it?

5) Are all necessary information about government schemes available on the Narendra Modi app?

6) Do you have any suggestions?

The government has started several schemes and upgraded projects which were started earlier. PM Modi wants to ensure that the schemes are indeed getting traction on the ground and common people are gettiing benefit from them. Earlier in August this year, PM Modi had warned BJP MPs who remain absent during the Parliament sessions. He warned them of consequences if they didn’t mend their ways.  On Friday, Modi had made it clear that he wants MPs to use the Namo App much more.

According to Zee News report, after PM Modi’s instructions many BJP MPs were seen upgrading their Namo App on Saturday morning. BJP even provided tech support to those MPs.

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