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Placed sanjay joshi’s face in place of sorabuddin and made Sex CD of Parag Shah from CM office..?


(G.N.S., Prashant Dayal) Dt. 19

The alleged sex CD of Sanjay Joshi was been given away in BJP’s 2005 Mumbai conference. After this alleged sex CD, Sanjay Joshi has given resignation from all the posts that he has been designated. Since 2005 till today he kept himself away from all important responsibilities, but conterary Sohrabuddin case has reopened in Supreme Court, on other side after arising Pravin Togadia’s warrent issue, he enviously made allegation before reporters that Ahmedabad Crime Branch has performed an important role, has made alleged sex CD and has ruined Sanjay Joshi’s career.

A doubt has been expressed by some sources that the alleged sex CD would be made by Parag Shah, working in CMO in 2005. However, in 2010 the CBI team came for investigating Sohrabuddin case has investigated in that direction, but was not quiet succeeded in it. Furthermore, sources whispering that role of Hiten Shah – brother of Parag Shah is supposed to be behind the scene. At that time this Shah brothers were considered as nearer sources of Narendra Modi and were performing branding work of Narendra Modi as well. Team CBI has raided over some places to investigate the role of Shah brothers, but never found strong evidances.

As per information by sources that the alleged sex CD has been made in a hotel of Vadodara, for the making of CD help of a BJP leader’s son was taken in getting a hotel. Sohrabuddin Shaikh was taken to Vadodara to make this alleged sex CD, whereas a lady was already present there. After making the CD between Sohrab and lady, it was morphed and Sanjay Joshi’s face was put on Sohrab’s face.

However, Togadia has allegated this CD was made by crime branch. But, Gujarat ATS was having the custody of Sohrab, afterwards he was encountered by ATS. At that time D. G. Vanjara was Gujarat ATS chief and ATS officials went in Mumbai conference to give away the alleged sex CD. But, as D. G. Vanjara has visited to Pravin Togadia in Chandramani Hospital, Ahmedabad; rather being known about the whole incident Togadia may had pointed on crime branch.

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