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PIL of Soharabuddin case is focal point of rebellion Supreme Court’s judges…!?


(G.N.S., Harsad Kamdar)Dt.13
Declaring the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi as the world’s third most popular leader by the international rating agency Gallup, recently, has lost its shine as the four senior most judges of the Indian Supreme Court have asserted that “ if the Supreme Court is not rescued than democracy in the country would be at peril. This was the first instance in the Indian history that as many as four judges of the Apex Court have revolted, indicating question mark over the popularity and prestige of the Modi Government. Though, apparently outwardly Modi Government is showing a bold face expressing that such assertion has been making no difference to it, but, it is being understood that inwardly Modi Government has been shaken.
The political sources have stated that Supreme Court’s four judges – Justice Kurian Joseph, Justice Chalmeshwar, Justice Gogai and Justice Madanmukre – in a press conference held in New Delhi had warningly stated that if the ongoing irregularities in the Apex Court have not been shunned than the democracy in India would be finished. They have strongly expressed resentment over the working style of the Chief Justice Dipak Mishra. Their main focal point is the mysterious death of the CBI’s special judge B. H. Loya, who was hearing the Sohrabuddin encounter case. These judges have written a letter. It is being understood that in that letter they have indicated their discontent over sending the PIL filed for conducting of investigation into the mysterious death of justice Loya to a court of junior judge than to the senior judge. The sources also indicated that the real picture emerging is pointing out that the mysterious death of judge Loya is the epic centre of the issue. It should be noted that judge Loya had died under suspicious circumstances. The PIL is carrying a detail account of it and has alleged that. A stalwart politician’s future is interwoven with the Sohrabuddin case.
The sources said the Prime Minister Mr. Modi is going to Daos, where every year a meeting under World Economic Forum is being held. But this year, as the Prime Minister Mr. Modi is attending it, he would be honoured in the presence of Bollywood cinema’s super khan ‘Sahrukh Khan’. The presence of Mr. Modi at Daos might have added another feather in his personality. However, the four Supreme Court judges have indicated that everything is not fair in the Indian judiciary and opposed the working style of the Chief Justice. They said the common-man of India is expecting that if he is not getting justice from the government or anywhere else, he would surely get it from the Supreme Court. Substantiating their stance they stated that it is rightful what we are doing as in future none can blame us that we had sold our souls. These few words of the four judges are telling much more. The sources also indicated that after making their stance clear on the matter, the game to assassinate the characters of these four judges through social media is also a dirty politics and serious issue. Since long time from now it’s being observed that those who opposed Modi Government or its functioning, they are being harassed by every means. When the prestige and lives of these four judges have pleaded in the public for rescuing the democracy, in such case the central government have open hearted talks with them and if anything is substantiating their allegations than functioning of the Supreme Court should be rectified. As the last resort, when the Supreme Court’s judges are taking assistance of media to take refuge in the public court for justice, it is proving that the media is the fourth pillar of the democracy.
The sources said when the allegations are raised against the chief justice than the Modi Government should conduct an impeachment case against him. It was done in the past too! Thus, it would not be a new tradition. Meanwhile intervening on the issue of four judges, BJP’s senior Member of Parliament Mr. Subramaniam Swami has stated that the Prime Minister Mr. Modi should intervene before the water rise above the nose level and take serious turn; and accusations and comments indicating that these judges want to be the activists should be shunned. Failing to this could raise serious repercussions in the judiciary across the nation.

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