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Offense against the government’s investigative journalist…than why not against CAG seekers?


Center’s NDA government is besieged by the issue of freedom of the press after filing a complaint against investigator journalist drawing the attention of the Government through his newspaper regarding the leak of data of Aadhar. At that moment if bringing governments mistakes into people’s attention is crime against a newspaper or journalist than CAG brings cases of fraud or malpractices of millions and billions rupees, will it be a crime or not? And according to Government if this is a crime than first of all case should be filled against CAG, one such feeling is been seen in various media.
Sources say that when BJP or any other political party is in the opposition, they always like to reveal corruption report of the ruling one. The same party after coming into to rule, why the same newspapers become so bad? There have been many attempts to misrepresent the media in the 4 years of the central government’s NDA rule. Politicians change their statements and in the end media comes in fault. Than to the media performs its duty and also publish the news. Media’s such generosity has been assumed its weakness by the government. Rather than applauding the media that brought the news out of the evidence that the Aadhar data is sold for Rs 500, Government reacts like as if they have leaked the data willingly and registers a case against such activity to prove them criminal. After the opposition from the media across India, the government came to the rescue that it was in favor of the press freedom.
Sources say that CAG checks the performance of the Central and State Governments activities and ensures that the public money is used properly. The same CAG claimed for 1.72 lakh crore irregularities in 2G, which looked pleasing to BJP in opposition and took on a political benefit of it. Journalist also does their work in ways the CAG does. The work of press is to bring out any wrong activity of Government to the people so that corrective steps or actions can be taken against it. One of the journalist got information that the Aadhar card data is been sold at 500 Rs. he got the complete details of it and draw the attention of Government through his newspaper to take preventive steps against such things. Instead, the government has taken steps to stop the journalist from performing his duty. Sources said that the government should really thank the journalist or the newspaper that he showed you where there is a scam in the administrative system, instead case has been filled against the one who drew the attention on it.
In this case, it is also being discussed in the media about whether action can be taken against the issuing officer to file a criminal offense on such activity. On one hand, the Supreme Court says that leaders should give freedom to the press even if the journalist made a mistake in the report at that time it seems strange to note that a person is in default if he proves the leak of data with evidence. This is a dangerous matter; anyone who brings out the government’s mistakes or scandals will be defaulter. It is a clear message of Government – they will do anything, press should just keep quiet…(GNS)

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