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Nirbhaya Fund for women, children safety is still unused


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Authorities had set up a dedicated Nirbhaya fund for implementation of initiatives aimed at safety and security of women and children in the country, however, the fund is lying unused, said Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi.
Speaking on children’s rights, the child rights activist told 45 trainee district collectors, students and other people at Vikas Auditorium, NIRDPR, Rajendranagar, that district collectors can make a difference in curbing child labour and child abuse.
Satyarthi, who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014, said nearly 250 million people across the globe are facing poverty and nearly 60 million children are out of school.
“Around 40 million children are working as child labour across the globe. At least one child goes missing every minute in the country and are trafficked. The district collectors play an important role in implementing government schemes which suggest no child should be out of school and work in hazardous factories,” Satyarthi said.
“You are the future district collectors and you represent the dreams of young generation. The children will be empowered only when they can speak to you freely about their problems, exploitations and discriminations. The new India is not about digitalisation, it is about empowering the future generations,” he told the trainee district collectors present at the event.
Satyarthi also expressed his concern about the rising menace of child sexual abuse in the country, including Telangana. According to the activist, several minor victims of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (Pocso) have not received the full amount of compensation set from the government.
“A judiciary body should be formed without the influence of any political party. It should be a former senior judge who can deal with such sensitive cases. I have also proposed Ministry of Human Resource Development to include sex education, not just right to education, but children should know their rights through education. We have observed 80% of the accused in child abuse cases are known person, if they are aware of their rights they can speak up about such instances,” said Kailash.
The activist stressed on 3-D formula, which the children should follow. “The 3D formula is ‘Dream, Discover and Do’. The children have all the rights and freedom to dream about their future. They have all the rights to discover the opportunities for their future and the third D stands for Do, as in act. The children should not wait for help, but act towards their dream,” he added.

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