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Netanyahu on Gandhiji’s throne…!!, it’s not right MR. PRIME MINISTER


(G.N.S., Dhimant Purohit)
University Grants Commission runs a national project for education through TV known as ‘Country wide Classroom’. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has turned the entire country in a classroom in such a fashion. The teacher is the final authority in the classroom and nobody have guts to speak a word against. One such latest example is of Pravin Togadiya. Once roaring like a tiger, Togadiya is now shading tears in full public view. (Well, we should not jump to any conclusion in this regard as it is their personal matter. Though today it seems that they are against each other, who knows tomorrow Modi-Togadiya also may appear holding hand in hand like that of with Shankar sinh Vaghela recently.)
Let’s take another example. It is about scraping of Haj subsidy. (It is right step and I fully support it) For years nobody was ready to touch this issue fearing strong reactions, but now what happened? What kind of reactions happened? Nothing, in fact Owaisi and other muslims not only supported the move but also said that they were asking for the same for long. On the other hand, there is an amazing reaction from many muslims who says that look we are so good that even if the Haj Subsidy have been scarped nobody came on road to oppose it, no violent protests, nothing, how nice we are! Even in Amdavad the Jamiyat Ulema-a-Hind wanted to take out a protest rally against the visiting Israeli Prime Minister, but ultimately they did in their office with doors and windows closed!
But let’s come back to the main point and that is related to the Israeli PM’s Amdavad and especially that of Sabarmati Ashram visit. The Indian PM Narendra Modi took his Israeli counterpart to the Gandhi Ashram, as we do not have to show the world other than this for last 70 years. Practicing the Gandhi values doesn’t bother us, though.
Modi is cleaver in using the Gandhi brand as and when he likes to do it, but ignores Gandhi most often. But the pain this time is, he has insulted Gandhi like anything. During the visit to the Ashram, Modi guided Netnyahu to the Hriday Kunj, a place where Gandhi used to work during his Ashram days. What Modi did is, he not only allow the Netnyahu couple to sit on the very place on which the Mahatma used to sit, but allowed this couple to touch the original Charkha that Gandhi was using in his pre-independence days. These are in fact the world heritage things and memory of Mahatma himself, but the foreign guests were allowed to sit and touch them. Nobody took any objection. Not even any Gandhian of the Ashram objected this gestures which was only for photo op. How can you do this? And the bigger issue is, neither Modi nor Netnyahu has anything to do with the non-violence philosophy of Gandhi! Well, still Bapu would welcome them, as he used to welcome Jinha to Hitler in those days.
One more point. For many, Gandhi Ashram is still a place for meditation and inspiration. It is not the place for leisure. It is not the place where you can enjoy with the Japanese PM sitting on the Sankheda swings or enjoy the kite flying with the left over kits of the Kite festival. For such leisure, you have many places on the river front.
Also, showing off such costly flowers in Gandhi Ashram? On one hand you are advising people not to exchange the costly flower bookey through tweeter and on the other hand using plenty of flowers to welcome a guest in the very premises of the epitome of simplicity! There is lot of things that needs to be learn from the Mahatma whose Ashram you were visiting!

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