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Modi made habbit of power -facilities to pracharaks while RSS lost its Reputation…??


(G.N.S., Prashant Dayal) Dt. 19
A coldwar is going on between Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Pravin Togadia and Narendra Modi since long time, but the war has came up on the verge. Togadia and Modi are having relation since Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh term. They were working together since 1978 and had shoulder to shoulder worked to put BJP for ruling in Gujarat. But today, situation is totally different, as the quarrel raised to a level that even both of them are not ready to look at each other’s face. Due to this situation RSS has not uttered a single word at all, but the Sangh workers are not able to understand that why Sangh has came in role of Bhishma.
There was a time when examples of Sangh pracharak’s simplicity and dedication were given. After Narendra Modi came in Gujarat as Chief Minister, the lifestyles of pracharaks has been different. While Modi came to Gujarat as CM, Damleji was looking after responsibility of Sangh. His personality was so simple and gentle. Even, while Sanjay Joshi came in Gujarat as General Secretary of Sangh, he preffered to live in BJP’s Khanpur office. He was sleeping on a mat and had meals with workers and employees from their tiffins.
But, after being CM Modi gave pracharak’s responsibilities to different industrialists or to wealthy BJP leaders. As a result once the pracharaks use to travel in buses has now being roming in luxurious cars. Were travelling in AC chaircar or in aeroplanes. After all Pracharaks are also human being. They also like these prosperity and facilities. The era of facilities by Modi himself, spreaded from Ahmedabad to Nagpur. Senior leaders of Sangh who were living simply were habituated with facilities given by Modi.
Thus, for the very first time Sangh pracharaks are experiencing power and position with facilities, which now became their need as well. As a result, they have lost the strength of speaking truth against Modi by the felicitation given to pracharaks. While central Congress Government was in ruling, at that time Sangh Chief Mohan Bhagwat was living simple life, but after BJP government’s existance in centre, Mohan Bhagwat was provided Z+ security with a reason of life threat. Because of it, Bhagwat also intoxicated with power-position and has left giving unfavourable advise to Modi who has left the true RSS Hinduism thought. As a result, Sangh itself has lost its own prestige amongst their own people.

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