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Men should also be encouraged to participate in the house work: Rani Mukherjee


(G.N.S) Dt. 17
Rani Mukerji who several years ago on ‘Koffee with Karan’ spoke about embracing motherhood has been totally enjoying the role now. She will be soon making a comeback on the big screen and it’s obvious that she was quite nervous about leaving her darling daughter Adira alone while she heads out for shooting.
In an interview with a leading news agency, Rani talked about the role of women in changing the society for better. She said that women should take steps in their own lives and not just talk about feminism. She also said she is confident that her daughter Adira will one day be proud of her working parents. “I had this anxiety about leaving my daughter at home because it was going to be a new environment for her. She is not going to see me for a few hours, which she is used to. It is a dilemma that every working mother goes through where you face this anxiety,” Rani told the leading news agency.
She further added, “The child will soon get used to it. I am sure Adira will understand that both her parents leave home for work. It will be normal and it will be something that she will be proud of.” The actor said that society needs to do away with the stigma attached to men contributing in the house chores and child rearing. “When we expect that men should go out and work, those men should also be encouraged to participate in the house work. What happens is that they are discouraged from doing it. It is a mental block that we need to overcome.”
Talking about her husband, Aditya Chopra, she said, “As a director-producer, he understands that I also have a responsibility towards the people who have given me so much love and adoration. Now that I have a new family, I cannot leave my old family behind. I have to stay in touch with my fans. It is a part of me, which I cannot separate from.”

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