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Man quits job, his Life’s mission is to make mumbai greener by planting saplings


(G.N.S) Dt. 28
39-year-old Shubhajit Mukherjee to quit his 12-year-old career as a human resource personnel will leave many a Mumbaikar astonished. A year ago, when his doctor cited pollution to be the reason for his frequent headaches and sore eyes, this Malad resident decided to actually do something to deal with it. He gave up his job and made it his mission in life to make Mumbai greener by planting saplings. In the last one year, he has planted 29,230 trees across the city with 95 per cent survival ratio. Shubhajit says, “As a Mumbaikar, I felt the need to do the best I can for my city. Quitting my job was the only way I could devote more time to the cause. The bad quality of the air in Mumbai affected me during my long commute to the office and I did not want it to affect others.”
He took to visiting housing societies, schools, government compounds, corporates, and convincing them to join the movement to make Mumbai green, by planting a tree. In his single-minded dedication to fight a war against pollution, Shubhajit has been urging Mumbaikars to adopt plants and take care of them. He adds, “The BMC is planting lakhs of trees across the city, but due to lack of participation by citizens and care, they do not survive. The trees are treated like orphans. My movement aims to encourage one crore Mumbaikars to adopt one plant each to guarantee the growth of one crore saplings into full grown trees.”

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