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Man debunks Baba Ramdev’s claims on Patanjali’s ghee, video goes viral


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New Delhi
Video of a man ‘exposing’ Patanjali founder Ramdev’s claims on his company’s ghee has gone viral on social media platforms.
In the video, a man is seen debunking Ramdev’s claims on Patanjali ghee being India’s biggest brand. The man in the video quotes Ramdev as saying that Patanjali produces 16 lakh litres of ghee everyday adding that the company needed four crore litres of milk everyday.
“You need 25 litres of milk to produce one litre(kg) of ghee. By this calculation, Ramdev needs 4 crore litres of milk every day. And assuming that one farmer supplies 10 litres of milk to Patanjali against, let’s say, Rs 40 per litre of milk, that farmer is earning Rs 400 from Patanjali every day. This also means that Patanjali is directly helping 40 lakh farmers. But is this true?”
He then goes on to ask if Patanjali indeed buys milk to produce ghee. He alleges that Patanjali doesn’t buy more than 10 litres of milk from outside and instead purchases adulterated ghee from smaller brands before repackaging it as Patanjali ghee. He concludes by saying that what one is consuming is poisonous ghee in the name of Patanjali products.
Not so long ago, author Priyanka Pathak-Narain, had questioned in her book Godman to Tycoon: the Untold Story of Baba Ramdev, if the cow ghee sold by Patnajali was indeed being sourced from cow milk. In her book she recounted a conversation with SK Patra, a former chief executive officer of Patanjali Ayurved, in which he says that Ramdev’s famous “cow ghee” may not be cow ghee at all.
Patanjali has not yet reacted to this video. We will update the story when the company chooses to issue its statement.

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