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Kerala MP’s wife shares #MeToo story in book sparks political row


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Nisha Jose, wife of Kerala parliamentarian Jose Mani and daughter-in-law of Kerala Congress chief KM Mani, has sparked a political controversy with #MeToo allegations in her memoir. A Kerala legislator’s son today lodged a complaint with police against Nisha Jose, wife of Kerala Congress (M) MP Jose K Mani, who alleged in her recent book that a senior politician’s son misbehaved with her during a train journey. In her book, “The Other Side Of This Life – Snippets of my life as a Politician’s Wife”, Nisha Jose has described how she was sexually harassed during a train journey in 2012.
Although Nisha did not reveal the man’s identity and the date of her journey in the book, Shone George, son of P C George, MLA, alleged that through her writing she sought to paint him as the man who allegedly harassed her.
In his complaint to the DGP, Shone said a propaganda was being carried out through social media targetting him following her allegation and termed it a politically motivated move to defame him and his father among the public.
Shone said he has never in with Nisha or humiliated her and demanded an independent probe into the incident mentioned in the book and find out the truth.
In her recently published book ‘The Other Side of This Life’, Nisha, daughter-in-law of former state minister K M Mani, says while waiting at the railway station a man introduced himself to her. Later, he sat next to her during the train journey and started talking.
Nisha says in the book that she dropped polite hints that she was very sleepy but he paid no heed to her hints and “went on and on.”
“I discreetly went to the TTR (ticket examiner) and expressed my plight, requesting him to help me out by getting this ‘gentleman’ to leave my seat.”
The official said “If this ‘gentleman’ is anything like his father I dare not intervene,” Nisha states in the book released on Thursday.
She said she sat crouched on her seat as far back as she could.
“Occasionally his hand would accidentally brush past my toes as he shifted his position. And every time he did so accidentally, I was uncomfortable and felt violated.”
“I firmly asked him to leave. However, my decency made me explain that I had to get off the train in just two hours or so, considerately making no mention of his impropriety,” she says in the book.
Shone demanded legal action against those who humiliated him through the social media.

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