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Kejriwal’s advisor VK Jain, alleged witness to Prakash’s assault, resigns


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VK Jain, advisor to Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, has resigned citing “personal reasons and family commitment.”

This comes less than 20 days after he testified against AAP leaders in the alleged Anshu Prakash assault case.

Sources said Jain hadn’t been coming to the chief minister’s office (CMO) since then, and had gone on a week-long medical leave.

Incidentally, Jain’s testimony was marred by discrepancies.

Prakash, Delhi Chief Secretary, says he was summoned by Kejriwal on February 19 to discuss some schemes.

But AAP lawmakers Amanatullah Khan and Prakash Jarwal allegedly abused and manhandled him in front of the CM.

AAP termed the allegations “ludicrous,” adding Prakash had refused to answer questions by MLAs and Kejriwal, and used “bad language.”

According to Delhi Police spokesperson Dependra Pathak, Jain had said in his statement that “he was returning from the washroom when he saw Khan and Jarwal physically assaulting Prakash. They were asking him why he wasn’t working.”

“Jain told the court that they then pushed him away, heckled him and pressed his jaws while questioning him about his working,” Pathak added.

But discrepancies were reported in Jain’s statement

However, according to what AAP calls Jain’s original police statement, there was no assault on Prakash.

Subsequently, Delhi police also found contradictions in Jain’s testimony: CCTV footage showed Prakash entering and leaving at 11:24pm and 11:31pm, while Jain had said he had arrived past midnight.

The party had claimed any change in Jain’s statement is due to “police pressure.”

Delhi government now mulls live-streaming official meetings

Jain, appointed Kejriwal’s advisor in September’17, has now sent his resignation to the CMO and lieutenant governor.

Meanwhile, Khan, arrested on February 21, got bail yesterday, three days after Jarwal was granted bail too.

The Delhi government is now reportedly mulling live-streaming of meetings with officials and ministers.

If approved, a live feed of meetings will be available online soon, an official said.


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