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Jai Telangana slogan ignites me: Pawan Kalyan


(G.N.S) Dt. 24
‘JSP shares the dreams and aspirations of the youth and women of Telangana’
Jana Sena Party (JSP) president and film star Pawan Kalyan said that he would be indebted to Telangana till his last breath. “While Andhra is the land of my birth, Telangana has given me rebirth,” he said, while addressing a meeting of party leaders of Karimnagar, Nizamabad and Adilabad districts here on Tuesday. “I will pay my obeisance to Telangana Talli and seek the blessings of Lord Hanuman of Kondagattu temple.”He appealed to the people of the State to give him a chance to serve them. “I am not after power, but I want to strive for fulfilment of the dreams for which a separate Telangana State was formed,” he maintained.
Starting his speech shouting “Jai Telangana”, he said, “Jai Telangana slogan ignites me. It is like Vandemataram. The entire country got Independence day in 1947, while the people of Telangana attained independence only in 1948.”
Claiming that he was proud to launch the political activities of his party from Karimnagar district, the epicentre of Telangana statehood movement, he announced that JSP would contest the 2019 elections in Telangana amid cheers and slogans of “CM, CM”.
Announcing his party’s seven-point agenda of a casteless society, shunning disparities in the name of religion, respect to languages and culture of different regions, equal focus on all regions, fight against corruption and protection of environment, he claimed that real development and a corruption-free society was not possible in one day and called upon the people to be ready for a ‘marathon movement’ of about 25 to 30 years. The Jana Sena Party chief said he would give clarity on his party’s ideologies on March 14, the foundation day.
Telangana State became a reality only after several decades of agitations, he said. Similarly, agitations for real development and unbiased politics should continue for another three decades. “JSP shares the dreams and aspirations of the youth and women of Telangana,” he stated.
Quoting national leaders Ambedkar, Kanshiram, Jyotiba Phule and Sri Narayana Guru, he said that “Andhra and Telangana are not different. But my heart beats for the country and I don’t have any rift with any political party.” He also reiterated that he had proved his love for Telangana by depicting the region’s language, culture and traditions positively in his movies.

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