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IT company wolves maul careers of bright young professionals


(G.N.S., Rakesh Ranjan) Dt. 29
New Delhi
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What do you do in a country where top companies tend to follow in the footsteps of East India Company and where a democratically-elected government, in letter and spirit, behave as a true legatee of its colonial predecessors?
Look at the plight of 100,000 IT professionals who were forced to resign!
In the absence of a law protecting their rights as employees, these bright young men and women have been compelled to move the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC).
Recently, the Forum of IT Professionals moved the NHRC to draw its attention to large-scale retrenchments and “violation of human rights” in the IT industry and to seek the Commission’s intervention in protecting employees’ rights.
The Forum alleged that over one lakh employees from several frontline IT companies had been retrenched since June.
“Most of the employees were made to resign forcefully using illegal and inhuman means, including threats of termination. A termination would cause a serious damage to their careers,” Y Kiran Chandra, Founder-Member of the Forum, said in the appeal.
The Forum has been guiding affected employees in lodging protests with the Labour Departments in different States.
Chandra alleged that the IT firms were resorting to termination using coercive methods.
Further, the governments had failed to protect the terminated employees’ interests, which had left the employees in severe distress, he pointed out.
The Forum said the companies were not following laws such as the Shops and Establishments Act, Industrial Employees Standing Orders and the Industrial Disputes Act.
“Over 2,000 employees approached the Labour Department and moved the High Court in Hyderabad, seeking justice. A large number of cases are still pending with the Labour Commissioner,” the Forum pointed out.
“We appeal to you to initiate action on the coercive actions by the companies and protect the rights of the employees,” the Forum said in its petition.
“We also request you to direct the State government and the Labour Department to initiate action complying with legal provisions,” the Forum added.

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