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Is this the safe Gujarat…? 3 murders and 18 suicides everyday!!


(G.N.S.), Gandhinagar, Dt.21

In the name of a safe and secure Gujarat, there is rampant bloodshed around. The Government of Gujarat, in its 14th General Assembly Session, has confessed that there are at least 3 attempts of murder, 3 murders and 18 suicides everyday in the state. There were 2211 murders in the last two years and there were 2215 cases registered with the ‘attempt to murder’ charge. If we talk about suicides, there were 12,758 cases of suicide. The diamond capital of India, Surat, tops the list of the maximum no. of murder cases in the state. There were 267 murders and 218 attempted murders in the state while Ahmedabad had 241 cases of murder and 295 cases of attempted murders.

The figures revealed by the state government show how safe the state is for its people when its leaders boast about the best state of law and security in the country. The Gujarat police has been following of policy of divide and rule to get the under table income from various anti-social elements of the society. While the citizens of the state instill a blind trust in the police for their security, they turn a blind eye and let the chaos rule. Right from the topmost officials of the police department to the constables; a common man is unable to figure out who are the culprits and who are the victims. The process itself is so cumbersome that a common loses his/her patience. While the leaders of the state talk about the deteriorating system of law and order of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar; the statistics of the state reveal that the condition at home isn’t any better.


As many as 1500 people asked for the approval of suicide at the Collector’s office in the last six months. The main reason for this was the inefficiency of the bureaucracy. There has been a wave of suicide across the country. In the past, women used to commit ‘sati’, and in the present the citizens give up their lives  due to the cumbersome and inefficient administration of the state. All those who seek permission for suicide are able to get their work done at a rapid pace and this is an alarming situation for any democracy. As many as 12,578 people lost their lives due to socio-economic, and various other reasons. However, 18 people commit suicide everyday because the administration is unable to solve their issues and woes.

The MLAs of Congress have been instrumental in revealing the hidden evils of the ruling government. In terms of population, the city of Rajkot accounts for the highest number of murders and suicides.

Himmatsinh Patel, an MLA of Congress, asked about the expenses incurred by the Information Department in the last two years for various government events and schemes. The response which he got was that the state government does not spend any kind of finances on government events. An amount of Rs.17.80 crores was spent on 38 advertisements of the various schemes of state government in 2016 while an amount of Rs.19.59 crores was spent on 26 advertisements in 2017.

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