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I&B ministry merge DAVP, DFP and S & DD into ‘BOC’


(G.N.S) Dt. 15

New Delhi

Information and Broadcasting Minister on Monday said the Integration of Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity (DAVP), Directorate of Field Publicity (DFP) and Song and Drama Division (S&DD) into Bureau of Outreach Communications (BOC) would help in reducing the establishment cost and rational utilization of human resources.

At a Consultative Committee Meeting of the Ministry, called to discuss the broad schematics of the Integration of DAVP, DFP and S and DD into BOC, Members of the Committee appreciated the reform oriented efforts of the Ministry and suggested that such reforms will play a vital role in taking communication to the last mile. At the meeting, also attended by Parliamentarians Vivek Gupta, Mrs Dev (Moon Moon Sen) Varma, Dr Sanjay Jaiswal, Mr Harivansh and Mr Neeraj Shekhar, members also suggested to conduct an impact assessment study on the integration of media units and impart training to the officials so that it will enable them to work in an integrated manner. I and B Secretary N K Sinha and senior officers of the Ministry were also present on the occasion.

A presentation was made by Mr Sanjay Murthy, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on behalf of the Ministry giving details about the integration of three media units into Bureau of Outreach Communications. Members of the committee were apprised about the advantages due to integration of the media units.

At present, DFP conducts Special Outreach Programs, Exhibition, Mass awareness rallies, sensitization activities in schools, colleges, etc to create awareness about the Government schemes and ensure the reach of the last man. S&DD disseminates awareness through traditional folk and art forms including drama, dance, songs, nukkad natak, etc.

DAVP is the nodal agency for undertaking multimedia advertising and publicity through static and mobile exhibitions. All the above three organizations have similar mandate but work in silos. So it suffers from lack of coordination, lack of synergy between the units at the center and the regions, poor distribution & utilisation of Human Resources in the regions, huge establishment and expenditure, etc. So integration of all the three media units mentioned above was proposed.

The integrated Media unit would be called Bureau of Communication and it would be headed by a Director General rank officer. An Additional Director General rank officer from ICAS would assist him in financial matters. Bureau of Outreach Communication would help in creating integrated communication strategy in coordination with PIB. It will act as an advisory body for the Ministries on their media campaign.

At the regional level, the media units are integrated into Regional Outreach Bureau (ROB) with an Additional Director General level officer as the Head of the Department for Regional Outreach Bureau. There will be only one common office for all three media units at the Region.

A Senior Accounts Officer of ICAS would assist the Additional Director General in financial matters.

At the field level, all 251 field units of the three media units are merged into 148 field units. Programmes would be planned as per requirement of the Regional Outreach Bureau. Integration of the media units will help in reducing the establishment expenditure, seamless coordination and effective monitoring of activities. It will also help in rationalizing the Human Resources and avoid duplication of work.

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