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Hyderabad police nabs 4 Juveniles for attempt to rape a UoH student


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It was trauma for nearly two hours for two students of University of Hyderabad on their own campus unleashed by four outsiders on Friday evening.

Narrating the assault, investigators on Saturday said the four strangers, all juveniles, repeatedly tried to rape the 19-year-old woman and thrashed her classmate as he came to her rescue.

A day after an attempt to rape, robbery took place on University of Hyderabad (UOH) campus, Cyberabad police nabbed four juveniles for allegedly committing the offence. It was a police sniffer dog, which played a key role in nabbing the juveniles.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Madhapur Zone) Vishwa Prasad during a press conference said that the four juveniles scaled the compound wall of the campus to steal copper wires on Friday night.

They stumbled upon a 19-year-old girl and her male friend Praveen Vijay sitting on top of a rock at Half Moon Lake. Initially they tried to rob the victims by taking their mobile phone and money. When the couple refused to give, the accused attempted to rape her and they torn her dress and molested. Vijay who tried to intervene, was attacked with sticks and stones and at one point of time, the accused tried to strangle him using a belt. Despite suffering bleeding injuries, Vijay fought with them and it was for about an hour, the victim suffered the ordeal. By this time, the accused snatched mobile phone, money.

The victims with great difficulty managed to escape from the location and ran for about a kilometer before they alerted the college authorities. The accused threatened the girl victim that she should not report the offence to anyone. Though the victims came to the lake on a bike, they had to run all the way, since the keys were snatched by the accused.

When police were alerted, the officials reached the spot and pressed in sniffer dog. One of the four juveniles chappal, was recovered by police at the scene of offence as the accused decamped the place in hurry. The dog using the chappal’s smell started to trail and went upto Gulmohar Park Colony, Chandanagar, where they were nabbed.

From one of the accused, police recovered Praveen’s damaged phone, three Rs 50 notes from the remaining three juveniles. This incident sent shock waves across the campus and also exposed the poor security arrangements. The police said that they are going to send a notice to the UOH authorities to increase the security install more CCTVs, patrolling.

During the investigation, police came to know that two juveniles are habitual offenders, who were previously involved in robbery, theft case and they were released in the first week of March.

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