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Hrithik on a cool fashion trend with his 2 young Roshan’s


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It’s usual for actors to rely on a battery of fashion know-hows to nail their looks at their public appearances. However, we’re told that a dishy-looking man in show business relies on two school-goers for styling advice. We’re talking about Hrithik Roshan whose sons, Hrehaan and Hridhaan, dole out fashion tips to him apart from keeping him busy with daddy duties. When we met the actor recently at the red carpet of an awards show, and asked what fashion advice he would give his kids, given that he’s well-turned-out on almost every occasion, Hrithik told us, “I am the father, but my kids are the ones who give me fashion and styling guidance. The way things are going today, I won’t be surprised if they style me in future. Honestly, fashion and style emanate from confidence, which leads to accomplishments which reflect in everything you do, including your dress sense. This is something I teach my sons, too. If you ask me, I don’t have a style statement, but I believe you can’t fake confidence and so, you can’t fake style.”

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