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Gujarat girl Smruddhi Sharma get national bravery award


(G.N.S., Darshana Jamindar) Dt.19
Gujarat girl to get national bravery award among 18 brave children of India.
On 26th January 2018 this Republic Day Smruddhi Sushil Sharma will get national bravery award. Smruddhi cited extraordinatry braveness in fighting against Anti social element in the society.
Among 18 children, there are 8 girls and 3 children to get posthumously award.
One 6 year old girl of Odissa, Mamta Dalai fought with a crocodile and saved her sister.
These brave children will be able to take part in Republic Day Parade in New Delhi.
Smruddhi fought with one anti social person who tried to enter his house with knife. She bravely fought with anti social person and protected herself and her family. In the process of defending herself, one her figures got fractured thrice.
Smruddhi says She wants to become a doctor when she grows up. As a message to other girls she says they should bravely fight out in any situation.
Even, her mother did not stop her at any point. She is proud of her brave daughter.

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