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Gujarat Assembly Speaker suspends 3 Congress MLAs for 3 years over attacking BJP lawmaker


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The Gujarat Assembly witnessed a ruckus on Wednesday as the members of the ruling BJP and Opposition Congress came to blows.
Following the incident, a Congress MLA was suspended for the entire Budget Session of the Assembly.
Chaos rocked the Gujarat Assembly on Wednesday as legislators of the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress almost came to blows. Speaker Rajendra Trivedi suspended Congress MLAs Pratap Dudhat and Ambarish Der from the Assembly for three years for allegedly attacking a BJP lawmaker with a microphone in the House, media reported.
Congress legislator Baldev Thakor was suspended for a year for allegedly disrupting the proceedings in the House.
The Congress members hit BJP MLA Jagdish Panchal with the rod of a microphone and also punched him, following which the members of the ruling party assaulted Amrish Der of the Opposition party.
The ruckus began when Speaker Rajendra Trivedi stopped Vikram Madam of the Congress from expressing his views during a discussion on an issue after the Question Hour. Madam, however, insisted that he would speak.
At that time, Der asked the speaker to allow Madam to speak.
The commotion began during a discussion over tabling of the report of Justice DK Trivedi Commission in the Asaram Bapu case, The Hindu reported. After the Question Hour when Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel raised a point of order, Congress MLA Vikram Maadam sought to speak. However, the Speaker did not allow him.
Congress legislator Amrish Der then objected to it and asked the Speaker to allow Maadam to express his views. The Speaker complained about Der’s tone, after which the two Congress leaders rushed to the Well of the House.
The speaker objected to his tone, following which Madam and Der rushed to the Well of the House in protest.
Trivedi then suspended both the Congress MLAs for the day and they were taken out of the Assembly by the marshals.
This enraged Congress MLA Pratap Dudhat, who then attacked the BJP’s Jagdish Panchal with a rod attached to a microphone.
Dudhat was angry with Panchal for asking Congress MLAs to remain silent when the speaker was making his point.
After the attack on Panchal, the speaker suspended Dudhat for the rest of the Budget Session. He then adjourned the House for 10 minutes.
Speaker Trivedi then suspended both the leaders, which enraged the Opposition party’s Pratap Dudhat. When BJP’s Jagdish Panchal asked the Congress leaders to remain silent in the Assembly, Dudhat allegedly attacked him with a rod attached to a microphone.
Following the incident, the Speaker suspended Dudhat for the rest of the session and adjourned the Assembly for 15 minutes. During this time, Der entered the House from the back door and attacked Panchal.
The marshals in the Assembly intervened and brought the situation under control.
Deputy Chief Minister Patel said the incident was shameful. “The Congress MLA not only insulted the Speaker but also became violent in the House,” Patel told reporters. “The House has been adjourned currently, and once the session resumes, we will decide what action needs to be taken.”

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