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Garbage free roads are still in dreams for Tolichowki residents


(G.N.S) Dt. 08
Garbage free roads are still a distant dream for residents on the stretch from Lotus Pond to Tolichowki. Piles of garbage are scattered on the road near Lotus Pond, specially garbage strewn just 100 meters away from YSR Congress Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s house.
“Even after leaving the street, the rancid smell and filth haunts me,” said Sridevi Meka, a scientist from that area. She requested authorities to send their vehicles to collect garbage or set up bins in that street. Most of the residents are spending less time outdoors.
“We ensure the car doors are closed despite pleasant weather due to the smell. The scattered garbage is also resulting in mosquito menace,” said a resident of that area on condition of anonymity. The shopkeepers in the area complained of losses due to the uncleared garbage in that street. “We are facing losses due to the filth on these streets, and many people are avoiding this road due to the unattended garbage and rancid smell,” said the grocery shop owner and the meat stall owner whose shops are located on that road.
The locals in that area also complained about the garbage near the pond and its surrounding areas. “This pond is the centre of attraction of this area, and I request the authorities to develop the greenery around the lake, apart from cleaning it,” said Sai Nath Reddy, who uses the road frequently.
According to the GHMC officials they are sending the Swachh Auto Tippers (SATs) regularly to the locality. “I will also ensure that the Swacch resource persons visits the household to maintain sanitation standards,” said Ravi Kanth assistant medical officer, Jubilee Hills circle.

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