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Finally, Transport Ministry has increased legal speed limit of vehicles on urban roads


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New Delhi

With the Indian automotive industry continuing it’s stellar growth spurt, and cities literally bursting at the seams, the government has somewhat strangely approved a bill that suggested the maximum speed limit inside cities to 70 kmph for Cars, 60 for Cargo Vehicle and 50 kmph for two-wheeler. Now before you go out and get about your 70 kmph drag race through traffic that mostly allows no more than 40 kmph, its worth knowing that this is just a central government outline with local governance still reserving the right to specify further reduced speed limits for each category to suit their own road conditions. Interestingly, previous governance which says that while the road transport ministry used to set the national speed limit across various categories of vehicles, leaving the door open for loophole finders with respect to limits on different types of roads for which states or local authorities had not specified the maximum speed.


The Union government has finally increased the legal speed limit of vehicles on urban roads. Passenger cars can now run at 70 km per hour. Cargo carriers can now run at 60 kmph, whereas two-wheelers’ speed is limited to 50 kmph. These increased speed limits could be changed on the discretion of state governments.

Till now, the transport ministry used to set up the national maximum speed limit for different categories of vehicles. Because of this, many roads where local authorities have not set up a speed limit would be left out.

The maximum speed allowed on roads in urban areas by local authorities ranges around 40-50 kmph. The increase in maximum speed limit was necessitated by growing infrastructure in most of the major cities– this includes the construction of ring roads and arterial stretches. However, local administration and government could set up their own speed limits to decide where they can let vehicles ply under the maximum speed specified by the government.

A committee headed by joint secretary Abhay Damle had recommended higher speed limits for vehicles on expressways. Road transport minister Nitin Gadkari approved the proposal.

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