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Dy. CM Sisodia inspected services delivery system


(G.N.S) Dt. 29
New Delhi
Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Thursday visited the District Magistrate’s office at Nand Nagri in North Delhi to take stock of delivery of services to the people and to take their feedback.
While interacting with people, Sisodia said, “They have to stand for long hours in the queue and have to visit offices time and again to get their jobs done; this makes them either spend a lot of time and money on visiting the offices innumerable times or have to pay to the touts to get their jobs done fast.” “There is no point having online services, when we still have to visit these offices. Even the senior citizens who are unable to walk need to come to the office. These services should be delivered at home,” he said. Sisodia received overwhelming response from senior citizens who told him that the scheme should be implemented so that they get the services at home.
After interaction session at DM office, he said that Delhi Government had formed a scheme, the “Doorstep Delivery of Services Scheme”, so that residents of Delhi get their entire jobs done while sitting at home, adding, “A resident will only be required to make a call on the helpline numbers and an executive will come and do all the paper work and get their work done,” the deputy Chief Minister added. Conveying the scheme among public, the deputy Chief Minister said that the beneficiary resident will not be required to visit the government office, this is doorstep delivery. He also remarked , “Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal said that executives going to the residents to deliver services will increase traffic and pollution”. But in our view, actually, the doorstep delivery will end corruption. It will put an end to the numerous visits of the people to Government offices to get their job done.” It may be noted that Lieutenant-Governor on Wednesday had sent the file of Doorstep Delivery back saying that the scheme is not good and the Delhi Government should reconsider it. “People are now taking leaves to visit these offices, they will not need any leave once doorstep delivery comes into effect — the executive will visit them at a time and date of their choice,” he added. “At present people are paying touts to get their job done, this will be done away with once the scheme comes in effect,” he said further.

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