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Dr Upendra Vithlani, senior paediatrician practising in Isanpur passes away due to Covid-19


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Dr. Upendra Vithlani, a senior paediatrician practising in Ahmedabad’s Isanpur since more than 25 years passes away due to Covid-19. Dr Vithalani was a very nice and smiling natured person. The shock wave spread in the whole area after the news of Dr. Upendra’s death. All doctors in Isanpur area gave condolences.
Dr. Upendra got infected in June and after a long battle, succumbed to the complications,” members of the shocked medical fraternity said while grieving yet another loss of a Covid warrior to the pandemic.
Dr. Manoj Vithlani, senior general physician and cousin brother to Dr. Upendra, has said that all available therapies for Covid-19 were used but the viral attack was relentless and its a major loss to the family and for all.

Dr. Saurin Shah, a joint replacement and reconstruction surgeon pracitising in Ahmedabad said that, We have lost one of the most genuine and expert pediatricians in our fraternity, Dr. Vithlani has saved many new born lives and gave hope to hundreds of families. He is an idol for a young doctors. We will really miss him and his guidance.

Vinayak Agnihotri, a social activist said that Dr. Upendra Vithlani was a gentlemen, he has served like a great human being, its a huge loss, Dr. Vithlani has saved lives of many infants, he has been an admirer for all.

Haresh Thakker, a plastic technologist said that Dr. Upendra Vithlani was a person like an idol to all, Dr. Vithlani has helped many person in many different forms, his demise is a big loss for all, may his soul rest in peace.

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