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Did Australia resort to ball-tampering in the 2017/18 Ashes?


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Fresh controversy has surfaced in the ball-tampering saga that has engulfed Australian cricket.

On Saturday, captain Steven Smith admitted to the leadership group being the mastermind behind the ball tampering.

And now, a footage of Cameron Bancroft spooning sugar into his pocket during 2017/18 Ashes has surfaced online.

Amidst these fresh allegations, there is a bigger question for how long have Australians been cheating?

However, this latest video footage raises the question whether the Australian team had resorted to cheating in that tournament as well.

Cameron Bancroft can be seen taking a spoon of sugar and sliding it into his pockets.

Users on social media are alleging that Bancroft could have used sugar to scratch the ball.

Polishing the red cherry with substances like hair gel, sugar or even lip balm can amount to ball-tampering. However, human spit is considered fine.

One can’t rub the ball on to the surface of the ground.

Picking off the main seam of the ball, trying to loosen the quarter-seam on the ball and roughening up one side of the ball is also considered tampering.

While it is not clear if this would amount to ball tampering, Bancroft should come forward and explain the incident.

One can argue it is just sugar and most likely he did not use it for ball tampering.

However, South Africa captain Faf du Plessis landed in trouble when he had used his sweet saliva to shine the ball in 2016.

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