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Delhi CS was assaulted in presence of CM Kejriwal: Prashant Bhushan


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New Delhi
Lawyer and activist Prashant Bhushan claimed that “all the evidences suggest that the chief secretary of Delhi was assaulted” and the matter was serious because the alleged incident happened in the presence of the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. It was improper to call the chief secretary at midnight by the CM for a meeting.
Senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan has claimed that he believed the Delhi Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash was assaulted in the presence of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.
“Yes, I believe he was assaulted in the presence of the CM and it is a very, very serious matter,” Bhushan told India Today.
In a reply to a question on whether governance is the ultimate casualty in Delhi, Bhushan said, “Yes, of course. It was firstly improper to call the Chief Secretary at midnight to the residence of the CM for a meeting and secondly, all evidence seems to suggest that he was assaulted in that meeting.”
Bhushan added that whether it was a case for imposing President’s rule or not is a different issue but governance in Delhi was certainly going to be affected.
“Other civil servants are going to feel pressured or intimidated by this kind of a thing,” Bhushan added.
Bhushan also said that the secrecy surrounding Rafale deal was ‘quite astounding’.
“I find it quite astounding that a government can say that the price at which aircrafts costing Rs 58,000 crore of public money is bought or the details of that can be kept secret,” Bhushan told India Today.
He said that if a government strikes a deal with a foreign company, then the deal can be ‘as corrupt or as scandalous as possible’ without it disclosing the details.
“This is unheard of,” Bhushan said, refusing to accept the plea that the deal was shrouded in secrecy keeping national interest in mind.
“What is the national interest involved in this? Every aspect of the Bofors deal was examined threadbare. There was a Joint Parliamentary Committee on that to find the details of that contract,” Bhushan said.
Bhushan added that it was ‘absurd’ to believe that enemy countries will not know the kind of aircrafts India possesses.

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