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Congress gears up for next Assembly polls and big ticket parliamentary polls in 2019


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New Delhi

As Congress gears up for the next round of Assembly polls and the big ticket parliamentary polls in 2019, the big takeaway from Gujarat is better candidate selection.

Party leaders told Mail Today that scientific analysis of voteshare in each constituency will conducted to help zero-in on right candidates.

Unlike previous polls, the party is planning not to wait till the last minute to announce candidates but to give them an edge over their rivals by beginning their campaign early.

In response to the BJP’s strategy of analysing voteshare and voting patterns in constituencies on the basis of facts and figures, the Congress too is planning a more scientific approach to its candidate selection process.

Apart from local feedback and field presence, a study of the demographics and voting patterns will be taken into account.

While roping in professionals to conduct these studies could cost nearly Rs 80 lakh per constituency, the party is exploring ways of doing in-house studies to begin with.

“We have been incessantly working on improving our candidate selection process and will continue to fine tune it. The primary focus will be to ensure selection of candidates early so that they have enough time for campaigning. A scientific methodology will also be taken up to gauge the mood in the constituency,” explained Tom Vadakkan, national spokesperson.

“Whatever research BJP undertakes, we will be two steps ahead of them.” Rajasthan Congress Chief Sachin Pilot maintained that in his state, which goes to polls end of next year, a candidate’s presence on the ground will be factored in.

“For the past year or so, we are conducting studies on the candidates who fought the last time and their position in the constituency. Someone who lost an election but still hold sway over the constituency could be given another chance. Public sentiment cannot be ignored,” Pilot said.

“My focus is on 35 SC and 43 ST seats Madhya Pradesh. We hold just 3 SC and 12 ST seats. Need to work on these,” MP Congress committee chief Arun Yadav told Mail Today.

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