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Confusion over GST on ‘News Print’, Modi Govt. not ready to clear its position


(G.N.S) Dt. 21

New Delhi

Currently, news has gone viral on social media across the nation. It is in discussion on social media across the nation that the Union Government has removed 5% GST from News Print. Following this message, newspaper owners visualized a ray of hope for their business. But, till now the government has never made any procedure regarding this notification. It means, presently the burden of 5% GST is still laid on news print similar as it was in past. As a result the paper print owners are being confused over the same. While, at other side a notification number PMOPG/D/2017/0524256 has gone viral, it has been claimed that it was published by PMO.

It is worth to mention here that the letter gone viral now is of November 2017. After take a look at the letter which was gone viral, the information revealed in the letter was being sought through RTI. And PM Office has given answer on March 7, 2018. Following the letter gone viral, our GNS Representative has tried to have a chat with both Information & Broadcasting Ministry and Prime Minister’s Office, but the concerned officials from both offices have neither said yes nor denied regarding this letter.

Means, they are not even ready to speak that such letter was issued by PMO or not. But, after several efforts, an official from Information and Broadcasting Ministry said that GST on news print is unchanged as it was, no change has been made in it. But, while our representative asked him regarding this letter, he refused to speak on it. Apparently, frustration is being spread among news print owners due to condition occurred through the confusion. At other end, the government is not ready to even clarify the issue.

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