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BJP will win more seats in 2019 as compared to the number in 2014: Amit Shah


(G.N.S) Dt. 25

New Delhi

BJP President Amit Shah strongly believes that his party will get more seats in the 2019 general elections as compared to the number they won five years earlier.

In an interview with a newspaper, Shah said that from 2014, the BJP has been working in the south Indian and northeastern states. “In Odisha, we did well in local elections; in West Bengal, the number of wards under us has increased; we have made gains in Telangana; and in Kerala. We are gaining in every state in the north-east,” Shah said.

Shah also did not rule out the possibility of opposition parties uniting against the BJP in 2019. “If we expand, naturally, we have to fight in every state. In 2014, we had six governments. If we go with 22 governments in 2019, we will have to fight in 22 states,” he said, adding that while it was necessary for an opposition to exist in a democracy, it was not the responsibility of the BJP.

Shah also said that over a period of time, an opposition party would eventually emerge, much like the BJP did when the Congress was in power.

Hailing the performance of the government, the BJP president also added that all economic figures under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley were on track. “Today we are one of the two or three fastest growing economies of the world. India has become a good destination for investment. When UPA II left, in 2013-14, foreign exchange reserve was $294.4 billion, which has crossed $402 billion now. This is a sensitive and transparent government. Be it GST or demonetisation or surgical strike, be it one rank one pension, we took decisions without fear. That’s why the mood has changed,” he said.

He also expressed confidence in the BJP’s road ahead with regard to the Karnataka elections scheduled for later this year. “We will form the government under Yeddyurappaji and with a better majority,” he said, adding that all corruption charges against Yeddyurappa were quashed by the Supreme Court.

When asked about the judges against Supreme Court CJI, Shah much like PM Modi said that it was a judicial matter and it was not up to him to make a comment on it.

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