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BJP rally in Mysore despite of Karnataka bandh, Corruption means Siddaramaiah: Amit Shah


(G.N.S) Dt. 25
BJP National President Amit Shah warned that when the BJP government comes to power in Karnataka, murderers of BJP-RSS workers will not be spared. Amit Shah was speaking at ‘Parivartana Yatre rally at Maharaja College grounds.
On the recent attacks on BJP-RSS members in the state, Amit Shah said,”More than 20 RSS-BJP karyakartas have been murdered in the state in last four years but Siddaramaiah government has let the murderers go scot free. BJP government will bring them to justice come what may, after forming the government in the state.”
Amit Shah said, ” Congress party’s protest against the Triple Talaq Act is politically motivated. I say to Muslim women, do not worry, we’re here to protest you.”
He said, “This government is not a pro-farmer government. Over 3500 farmers have committed suicide. Yet, Siddaramaiah did not wake up from his sleep.”
“Siddaramaiah government has crossed all boundaries of corruption. In Karnataka, Siddaramaiah means corruption and corruption means Siddaramaiah,” Shah said.
“BJP has started the ‘Parivartana Yatre’ for not only to change the government but also to bring change in the lives of youth and to give security to the women of Karnataka,” he added.
Earlier, Karnataka BJP claimed that people have defied bandh call on Thursday to attend BJP National President’s rally.
BJP alleged that CM Siddaramaiah brazenly admitted on camera that he rescheduled the Karnataka Bandh from 27th to 25th such that it coincides with Amit Shah’ s visit to Karnataka.
Karnataka BJP tweeted, “CM towing the Indira line to thwart political opponents,”
BJP further asked, “Can anyone decipher the need for not one but two Karnataka Bandh? Can anyone cite any other instance where govt itself sponsors the bandh? Expect Congress to stoop to new lows with every passing day until elections.”
“CM Siddaramaiah may score some cheap political brownie points by organising these bandhs, but what about lakhs of daily wage workers who would have to starve because of CM’s treacherous political gimmicks?” BJP stated.
According to reports, police has been asked to maintain peace and ensure things don’t go out of hand. At, least 10,000 police personnel have been deployed across Mysore.
Pro-Kannada groups have called for Karnataka bandh on January 25, Thursday. Several private schools and state government offices are expected to be shut following the bandh call was given by organisations protesting against the Centre’s apathy towards the Mahadayi dispute.

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