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BJP leaders Dilip Ray and Bijoy Mahapatra resign from party in Odisha


(GNS) Dt. 30
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s Odisha unit suffered a major setback on Friday when two national executive members Dilip Ray and Bijoy Mahapatra resigned from the party. Mahapatra and Ray sent a joint resignation letter to BJP national president Amit Shah. Both said that many leaders have been silent on various issues related to the state due to fear of not getting tickets.
Both of them wrote in the letter, “The suggestions given by us for your welfare were deemed as a threat to some arrogant, selfish people who resorted to dirty tricks and started a campaign in our respective areas and ridiculed us Tried.
In the resignation, both of them wrote that after serving for decades in Odisha as a self-respecting leader, they refuse to remain as a showpiece in the party. Both said, the interest of the state is paramount for us. We have never compromised for any self-respect or state interests for any post, election or ticket.
He said that such silence is not a good sign for any democracy. Dilip Ray, who is also MLA from Rourkela assembly constituency, also resigned from the membership of Odisha assembly on Friday. Dilip Ray tweeted, With so much pain I have decided to leave the state assembly and the Bharatiya Janata Party’s membership. Together with speaker Pradeep Amat, he submitted his resignation.

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