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Bihar engineer kidnapped and forced to marry at gunpoint in Patna; video goes viral


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In a strange and shocking incident, a 29-year-old Bihar engineer was reportedly kidnapped and forced to marry a woman at gunpoint in Bihar. The video clip of the marriage has gone viral on social media platforms. In this video, Vinod Kumar, a junior manager at Bokaro Steel Plant, dressed as a groom, can be seen thrashed and forced to perform wedding rituals in Patna’s Pandarak area. Vinod tried to resist and even begged the people to release him, but a group of women, allegedly from the woman’s family, try to convince him to cooperate.
As the video proceeds, Vinod refuses to apply vermilion to the bride, her relatives are heard saying, “We are only performing your wedding, not hanging you.” While speaking to the local media, Vinod said that one of the bride’s relatives had pointed a pistol at him after they met at a mutual friend’s wedding and ordered him to marry her. His allegations are being investigated by the police.
Last month, when Vinod did not reach home as planned, his brother Sanjay Kumar got worried and approached the police. He told them about a call from an unknown number informing him about his brother’s ‘Pakadua Vivah’ (forced marriage).
He told a TV channel, “My brother boarded Hatia-Patna express from Bokaro as he had to attend a wedding function near Patna on December 3. Surendra Yadav, the woman’s brother, persuaded him to come to Mokama. He was abducted there and taken to Pandarak where my brother was forced to marry the woman.”
Sanjay alleged that the cop refused to help him. But, these allegations were denied by the Pandarak police station in charge Prabhakar Vishwakarma. He said that the police asked the boy’s family to lodge an abduction case at Mokama because the alleged abduction took place there.
Ever since the incident, Vinod’s family has been getting threat calls asking him to accept the girl forcing them to seek police protection.

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