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At last, it feels like winter in Kolkata


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Citizens on Thursday evening finally put on the thick jackets, mufflers and monkey caps that they had taken out of storage for the winter but had failed to utilize till now. At 12.6°C, Thursday was the coldest day of the season. It was also the coldest January 4 in the past five years and the Met office expects a further dip in the temperature. In the absence of any weather system that might come in the way of the northwesterly wind, Kolkata is expected to get colder in the coming days and the temperature might fall as low as 11°C.
“Thursday was the coldest day so far this season. We can expect the mercury to climb down further and slip below the
12°C mark by Friday. The days, too, will be slightly colder as the maximum temperature is set to decline,” said G K Das, director (weather) at Regional Meteorological Centre, Kolkata.
“I have been hearing that the chill was around for days now. But even though I was expecting New Year’s Eve to be chilly, I found it relatively warm. But Since Wednesday, I have been feeling the cold wind. It seems that the chill has finally arrived,” said Lake Town resident Neha Bagaria, a college student.
Last winter the coldest January day was the 15th when the night temperature had touched 11.2°C. In fact, the coldest January days in the past four years hovered slightly above the 11°C degree mark. Going by the Met office’s prediction, there is a possibility of the four-year record being broken in the next few days.
The night temperature started dropping from Wednesday when the mercury plunged to 13.7°C from the previous day’s 15.3°C. Before Wednesday, the mercury had hovered around 15°C.
“At present, the decks are clear for uninterrupted flow of the northwesterly wind. And since the region from where the wind originates is also under cold spell, it is obvious that it will push the mercury down further,” said Das.
The day temperature is expected go below the normal mark. On Thursday, it stood at 25.1°C, which was just about normal. The next few days will have the maximum temperature stand around the 24°C mark.
Additionally, a cyclonic circulation over Bangladesh could make the early mornings foggy. Though the fog cover will be shallow in the city, it could dense in parts of North Bengal. The lowest temperature recorded in Bengal’s plains was in Sriniketan, where the night temperature was 7.2°C — a good four notches below normal.

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