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Arbaz Khan to enjoy Kite Festival in Ahmedabad; he used to fly kites in his childhood


Ahmedabad, Dt.9
(G.N.S.) by Darshana Jamindar

Today Bollywood Actor Director Arbaz Khan visited Ahmedabad. Arbaz was in city, for promotion for his upcoming film Nirdosh. The movie is releasing on 19th January.
Arbaz was accompanied by co-star Manjari Phadnis.
Cast of Nirdosh interacted with media. Arbaz said it’s a suspense thriller but there is no fixed joaner in the film. Every Indian movie I do not should have message, but there is an entertainment. It has mystry and there are twist and turns. Our producer director’s its is first movie, but you will not be able to make out that it is there first movie. Plot of the movie is such that, whenever there is an entry of new character, it comes under scanner. All characters including smallest create suspense.
Manjari plays Shanaya Grover, who plays role of happy Indian Working Women who has a simple and happy life gets stuck up in a situation which she does not belong to, so I am also suspect of murder. The role was more challenging where I was directly drained into a situation of murder suspect. It was difficult and emotionally draining.
Arbaz plays a lead role of Inspector Lokhande, who also appears like a suspect of murder in the movie. Lokhande plays different tricks of interrogation, investigation style to get information from any suspect. The role was beautifully written, there is a Marathi dialect and how he walks and talks I different. I have played a cop before but this role is different. No there is no movie identical to this which I have played before.
Shanaya plays a women journalist working behind camera for a private channel. She gets stuck up into murder mystery.
Talking on message for Kite Festival Arbaz said Its my first time during Kite Festival, I have been regularly out here,It is very exciting to come here during kite flying, I would love it. It’s a celebration and a picnic. I used to fly kites in my childhood.
Manjari said I want to learn flying kites.
Director claimed that it has no connection with Murder 1.
This is our fourth movie said Manjari.
Arbaz gives very high comfort level to work with him added Manjari.
Arbaz said I am playing role of Inspector Lokhande, who is a Marathi cop. Lokhande deals with a murder case where everyone appears as a suspect. Producer and Director used his grievances and used his style and attitude of the character. Inspector has an ability to solve complex cases.
Team of Nirdosh movie , also visited Sabarmati Riverfront.

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