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Al-Qaeda charged by FBI for suspecting plot to kill Americans


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The United States is seeking extradition of an alleged Al-Qaeda suspect, who has been charged by the Federal Bureau of Investigation with conspiracy to kill Americans.

Christian Ganczarski, aka Abu Mohamed — a German citizen born in Poland — is at present lodged in a prison in France, where he spent last 15 years.

A sealed indictment in this regard was made public on Wednesday.

“Today [Wednesday], we publicly announce charges against Ganczarski alleging that he participated in the planning of plots to kill Americans with high-level al-Qaeda terrorists Khaled Shaikh Mohammad, Usama bin Laden and others,” said US Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman.

Ganczarski allegedly provided the Al-Qaeda with expertise in logistics, computers, radio communications and the maintenance of weapons systems that would be used against Americans soldiers after the 9/11 attacks, said New York Police Commissioner James P O’Neill.

“He rubbed shoulders with Osama Bin Laden and the men who planned and executed plots from the bombing of US embassies in East Africa that killed 225 people, to the 9-11 attacks that cost 3000 lives, most of them here in New York City,” Mr. O’Neill said.

Ganczarski worked for the Al-Qaeda, lived in its camps and guest houses. He traveled from Germany to Pakistan and Afghanistan on at least five separate occasions between 1999 and 2001.

During these trips, he became associated with the Al-Qaeda and developed personal relationships with bin Laden, Abu Hafs el Masri, al Adel and Mohammad.

Ganczarski lived at times with his family at Al-Qaeda’s fortified compound near Kandahar. At other times, he lived in guest houses and other facilities operated by the Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, said Mr. O’Neill. He participated in the Al-Qaeda’s efforts to kill Americans in a number of ways, such as providing al Adel and other Al- Qaeda members with technological guidance and hardware, including computers, radios and other communications equipment.

In January 2000, Ganczarski attended a speech delivered by bin Laden at Al-Qaeda’s headquarters in Kandahar. The speech was attended by at least 100 men, including, among others, many significant Al-Qaeda leaders and terrorists.

In March 2000, he attended a meeting in Karachi at which US and Israeli targets for terrorist attacks were discussed.

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