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Actress Praveena says she needs a break from intense roles


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Not doing mega serials was a conscious decision, says Praveena who is back on television after a hiatus.
“I am not a flexible actor. I know my limitations.” You don’t expect to hear that from a multiple state award winner. But then that’s Praveena for you, an actor who has played roles of substance on the small screen and the big screen. Even when she went on a break from the mini-screen, she was still working in films.
Now Praveena is back on television. She is currently acting in Kasthooriman, a daily in Asianet. MetroPlus caught up with the actor to know what kept her away from the limelight and what brought her back.
“I had had enough. A mega serial is a huge responsibility, that you have to fulfil even at the cost of compromising on your personal life. Even though my family has been very supportive, I couldn’t devote enough time for them, especially my daughter and I felt bad about it. Moreover, the hours of shooting and the intense roles were taking a toll on me. The strain and exhaustion were getting on my nerves and so eventually I decided to stop doing mega serials in Malayalam,” she says. So what has changed now? “Nothing much (laughs). I tried my best not to do this serial, but the producer was extremely persistent,” she says.

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