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A safer resolution for New year’s eve by Police


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Drones, CCTV cameras and a posse of cops will control entry and pick up and remove trouble-makers from the spot tonight.
After the mayhem and shame that was New Year’s Eve for Bengaluru in 2016, lessons have been learnt. Drones in the air, watch towers, megaphones and barricaded green corridors are only some of the measures put in place to ensure New Year revelry stays under control.
Bangalore Mirror had reported on January 2 how tens of women, who had come to MG Road and Brigade Road to celebrate the New Year, were molested by gangs of men within massive crowds of revellers. Poor crowd control and lack of preparedness meant the police could do little to contain the mayhem. Thankfully now, despite the denial in the months that followed, the city administration is taking no chances.
After conducting a detailed analysis of the crowd that assembles at Brigade Road, the city police have come to the conclusion that allowing multiple crowd clusters on Brigade Road can lead to a massive congestion close to midnight on New Year’s Eve.
And, so, this year there will be no loitering around.
“The idea is to ensure that nobody gathers and loiters on Brigade Road. They have to keep moving and policemen will ensure that. No event is anyway happening on Brigade Road. Anyone found misbehaving will be immediately picked up and removed from the spot,” said Chandragupta, Deputy Commissioner (Central), Bengaluru city police.
Barricaded green corridor
The city police have also come up with a barricaded green corridor along the entire length of Brigade Road which will be manned by policemen. The corridor will be out of bounds for revellers but if anyone feels uncomfortable in the crowd, they can approach the police inside the corridor and be escorted out of the stretch. There will also be 10 megaphones for public announcements and additional lighting.
Special pick-up teams
There will be 10-member ‘pick-up’ teams on Brigade Road, MG Road and Church Street as part of the New Year’s Eve bandobast. Each team has been allotted a van and its main objective will be to coordinate with police teams in each of these streets to immediately pick up and detain anyone found misbehaving.
Right to refuse entry
As per the police estimate, Brigade Road can take a crowd of around 3,000 people at a time. Anything beyond that number becomes a tight squeeze. But with almost a lakh people heading towards and congregating here to usher in the New Year, the cops have decided to play bouncers. So the idea will be to ensure that at any given time, the number of people on Brigade Road is within its holding capacity. Crowd management teams would be deployed at all entry points leading towards MG Road and Brigade Road. If it gets overcrowded, entry will be restricted with barricades. Strict restrictions on vehicular movement will also be imposed after 8 pm till 2 am. Traffic policemen will also set up drunk drive checkpoints on routes along the stretches leading to MG Road. “We will strictly allow no vehicular movement on MG Road this year. The idea is to keep the road free for people to move around. We will have Hoysalas patrolling MG Road to keep things under check,” Chandragupta added. In an attempt to ensure that unruly elements do not reach Brigade Road, there will be no parking arrangements on Cubbon Road or along Kamaraj Road this year.

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