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A gang 4 phone snatching held by police in vehicle check


(G.N.S) Dt. 06
Police on Friday arrested a four-member gang of mobile phone robbers following a series of complaints from Mambalam. A police team busted the gang by chance, apprehending members while conducting regular vehicle checks in Mambalam.
When police officers questioned the men, all between 20 and 24 years of age, they made contradictory claims. The officers took them to the Mambalam police station for interrogation and seized 15 cellphones from them. An investigating officer identified the gang members as K Suresh, 20, V Raja, 24, R Lokesh, 21, andN Pradeep, 21.
“We detained all four men who, we believe, have been involved in several cases of cellphone robbery in the city,” the officer said. “We will produce them before a magistrate’s court to seek that they be remanded in custody.” Investigators said they analysed security camera footage from locations where cases of cellphone robbery have been reported over the past few months.
“We identified one or more of the gang members from several of the crime scenes,” the officer said. “During interrogation, the suspects admitted that they targeted high-end cellphones.”
They confessed to having been involved in many cases of mobile phone robbery around T Nagar. They told the police it was easy for them to snatch mobile phones since the area is a shopping hub. They go as gang and keep passing on the phone among them once it is snatched.

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