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9 Killed, 25 Injured in Suicide Bombing: Lahore


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At least 9 people were killed in a blast which took place near the residence of Pakistan’s ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday when a suicide bomber blew himself up. Around 25 people were also injured in the attack.

According to rescue officials, the blast took place close to a police check post, a few kilometres from the palatial residence of the Sharif family, and next to the congregation of the Tableeghi Jamaat centre.

Rescue 1122 spokesman Jam Sajjad reportedly said, “Five policemen – two inspectors and three constables – are among nine persons killed in the blast. Around 14 policemen among the 25 who were injured in the blast. The condition of four policemen is stated to be critical.”

He said that the injured have been taken to the Sharif medical complex and other nearby hospitals by the Rescue ambulances.

Inspector General of Police Arif Nawaz confirmed that the blast was a suicide attack carried out by a teenager who blew himself up near the check-post.

DIG Lahore Dr. Haider Ashraf said: “A teenaged boy blew himself up at the check post set up close to the Tableeghi centre where at least 14 or so cops were present”.

He stated that the “police personnel were the target of the blast.”

“The condition of some policemen is critical,” he added.

Some reports said Tahreek-i-Taliban Pakistan has claimed the responsibility of the blast. The suicide attack has taken place a week before the semi-finals of the Pakistan Super League in Lahore.

“The PSL semi-finals will be held in Lahore as per schedule as we have made all security arrangements in this regard,” Ashraf said.

In a rapid response, the force of the Pakistan Rangers arrived on the scene and isolated the area together with the police.

This is the first explosion that hit the provincial capital in 2018.

Lahore has suffered multiple terrorist attacks in 2017 that have killed more than 60 people.



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